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Wanderings  of an artist
09 December 2010 @ 05:11 pm
So I've been home sick all week with no voice and coughing out a lung. I've been forced to slow down and take a break but I'm even more panicked now.

I need to write a research paper on Freud for Tuesday but can find no books on said Psychoanalyst. I think I am screwed. The text book for my course was sold out and the public library doesn't have any books on psychological theory. Anyone has any ideas of how I can get actual information that is not pulled off a wikipedia entry?

The old fashioned researcher in me is disdainful of using internet resources but you know what, I really don't have any other options.
Wanderings  of an artist
23 October 2010 @ 10:35 am
I dreaded that I would have to write about this, but I have no power over death. As of 2 am EST this morning, my country has been plunged into mourning as our Prime Minister, the Honourable David Thompson succumbed to illness which he has been fighting for the last few months, Pancreatic Cancer. We were hoping against hopes that it was possible that he could survive, but that type of cancer is so aggressive and was discovered too late to do much about it.

My mother always had good things to say about him and his wife and his three girls when she was on duty at the Prime Minister's residence. She told me about how down to earth and humble they were, how active he and his wife ( who was from St. Lucia) were in all things Barbadian, how he was a sincere man, how you would find him at school fairs, at local carnival events, not making a big issue about anything he did.

One memory I have of him was during the election and inauguration of Obama, how he told our country that he was especially proud of Obama because he had a similar background. The first time he met him, Obama asked him if Barbados was a place where everyone was family. He thought that the Attorney General of the US, Erik Holder, who is a 2nd generation Barbadian had told him something to that effect. But then he realised that he and Obama shared the same idea that family is the most important thing.

RIP Mr. Thompson. May our country be able to unite in the wake of your death and get through the tough times we have ahead.

ETA: The letter he wrote ten days ago, to his constituents in the parish of St. John, which he has represented for over 20 years.
Dear loving people of St. John..Collapse )